How to purchase the Guidelines

The Guidelines are available on a subscription service basis. Users pay a lump sum in the initial year to acquire the Guidelines and Templates suites followed by an annual subscription thereafter.

The initial cost and subscription rates reflect the size of the council based on population.

Each user council will enter into a simple User Agreement which will include an enterprise licence allowing multiple and concurrent use of the suite throughout the council.

 To arrange a subscription to the Guidelines contact

Rollover Date

Councils can align their subscription period with the 30 June local authority financial year end if required.


Current pricing for Guidelines licences is:

Council population

Licence Acquisition
Fee (1)

(GST excl)

Annual Subscription
Fee (2)

(GST excl)

0 - 20,000



20,001 – 50,000



50,001 – 100,000



100,001 – 200,000



200,001 – 300,000



300,001 – 400,000



400,001 – 500,000






(1) The Licence Acquisition Fee applies to the acquisition of the licence and the first 12 months support.
(2) The Annual Subscription Fee is an annual charge for the second and subsequent 12 month periods.
(2) The Annual Subscription Fee may be subject to change from time to time.
(3) Prices as above are subject to adjustment in the manner as for the Fees set out in the User Agreement.
(4) Prices can be adjusted to reflect a 1 July – 30 June year.

Construction Templates Module

The Construction Templates are available on an annual subscription service basis.

The Construction Templates subscription rate is a flat rate of $3,900 (excluding GST) per annum.

The Construction Templates are available separately and together with the core Guidelines and Templates Module.

Regional Councils

Contact for pricing for Regional Councils.


Pricing adjustment

The Guidelines and Templates Module and the Construction Templates Module pricing is subject to adjustment as set out in the User Agreement.



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