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Contract and Procurement Guidelines and Templates

The Contract and Procurement Guidelines provide an invaluable ‘go to’ resource for local government in the area of tendering, procurement and contracting for services and infrastructure in New Zealand.

The Guidelines provide detailed guidance and insight for local government staff across a range of topics which will facilitate prudent and efficient decision making in relation to tender and other forms of procurement process and contract management.

The Guidelines Module includes a number of templates covering contracting, tendering  and other procurement models. 

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Construction Templates Module

 Also available is a separate Construction Templates Module.  The Construction Templates Module includes a suite of documents associated with two of the New Zealand Standards construction contracts, NZS 3910:2013 and NZS 3916:2013.

The Construction Templates include Schedule 2 amendments to the General Conditions, amended bond and warranty forms, an amended Off-site Materials agreement and completion certificates.


Best practice

The Guidelines stand as a comprehensive statement of local government best practice as to tendering and contracting process based on the author’s extensive experience...

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The Guidelines include 30+ templates providing a valuable start point for document preparation across a range of contract types including consultancy contracts, service contracts and construction/works contracts.

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Web based and up to date

The guidelines and templates are web based. User councils will receive a user name and

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Construction Templates

The Construction Templates Module includes a suite of documents associated with the New Zealand Standards standard form construction contracts NZS 3910:2013 (Building and Civil Engineering Construction) and NZS 3916:2013 (Building and Civil Engineering - Design and Construct).....

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